September 24, 2014

Newport, Rhode Island

 Give me a time machine so I can go back to the late 19th century and party it up in Newport.

On me: AYR sweater, d.Ra skirt (and here), Doloris Petunia earring, Kelsi Dagger bag, Kelsi Dagger shoes. Monique Lhuillier dress.
On Kyle: Azul by Moussy cardigan.

The Gilded Age in America gave rise to an industrial boom that founded innovators and leaders such as Andrew Carnegie and extravagant wealth was celebrated to no end. Mansions of extraordinary proportions popped up on Bellevue Street in Newport, RI that would serve as summer "cottages" and backdrops for lavish parties and decadent soirees for the nation's elite. Nowadays, Newport's Old World glamour is dutifully preserved for us New World spectators - it's the likes of the Carnegies' and the Vanderbilts' world and we're just living in it. 

We were blessed to have stayed in one of the historic Gilded Age mansions that was built for an Astor and had entertained visitors like Theodore Roosevelt. The Chanler at Cliff Walk boasts an incredible view of the blue Atlantic Ocean and is the only hotel with direct access to the famed Cliff Walk that explores Newport's beautiful coastline. The cobblestone driveway and large iron gates prepared us for the grandeur of the mansion as we drove in and its elegant, crystal-clad lobby didn't even speak enough for their one-of-a-kind guest rooms. Kyle and I stayed in the Empire estate room, a majestic suite adorned with Roman embellishments and romantic French red hues. Our breathtaking views included overlooking Easton's beach and The Chanler's well-manicured gardens. Every trim and decoration oozed opulence and privilege. If there was any way to experience a flourishing moment of the Golden Age or an exuberant Great Gatsby affair, staying in The Chanler with a bottle (or two) of Veuve would do it.  

You can't visit Newport without beholding the spectacular mansions that the wealthy deemed cottages. Our favorite of them all for seducing our love for French beauty was the Rosecliff, which was modeled after the Grand Trianon, a garden retreat for the French kings at Versailles. Gorgeous white marble and lush green topiaries captured our imagination of luxurious garden parties and beautiful dances in the private ballroom. It's incredible to learn that many of the mansions operate to host private functions to this day - I need to start getting invitations to events like these. Appropriately, the original Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford was filmed right at Rosecliff. Kyle and I had a romantic time exploring the gorgeous grounds of the property and took some of my most favorite couple-y pictures that deserve to be in a gilded frame. 

All the mansion hunting got us hungry, so before our dinner at the Spiced Pear, we took a break in downtown Newport and found $1 oysters at Celtica. While Newport emphasizes its place in history, they also have a lively contemporary scene full of high end boutiques, restaurants, and endless opportunities to get yourself on a boat.

I changed from my cozy AYR sweater and dreamy d.Ra skirt into an elegant lace-embellished Monique Lhuiller for a romantic dinner at The Chanler's Spiced Pear restaurant. With a thoughtful menu of New England fare and glittering ocean views under the bright full moon, our dinner experience was the perfect way to envision the life in the Gilded Age. We retired back into our suite with our decadent dessert and said hello to our luscious bed. 

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  1. I was just in Newport last month! I also went to the Spiced Pear! We walked around Rosecliff and The Breakers as well! It was so fun!

    The Garment Rack

    1. It's such an amazing experience, right? I hope you had a great time too :)

  2. You and that pink skirt are very lovely (: