October 23, 2014

San Francisco Snippets

A few weeks ago Kyle and I set off on a road cruise to destination San Francisco. 

1st look: H&M sweater. Paige jeans. Shellys London boots.
2nd look: Left on Houston sweater. 71 Stanton shirt. Paige jeans.

No work involved, just play. It was a weekend where I barely picked up my phone, where my Instagram was barren, where my stomach was full from great Italian fare and where I left with more cherished memories of hanging with my best company.

The road to SF was particularly beautiful on a Friday morning as we packed our things in our sporty red Mazda CX-5 and set off on the 5 Freeway. The overcast clouds with the sun shining its way through created the most spectacular dynamic that made our comfortable drive a cruise through natural works of art. 

In case you've noticed, I've been switching around cars because my old but endearing ride of 9 years was hijacked by my parents while I was away in New York and given to my sister for her use in college. Coming back to my Rosie being gone was a bit sad, but it's time I moved on. So what better way to test drive cars than to drive on extended roadtrips? The 2015 Mazda CX-5 became a high contender in my top potential purchases because of its similarity in stature and aesthetic to my old car and its roomy leather interior and fun tech-saavy dashboard makes 7-hour drives a walk in the park. I'm a big fan of compact crossovers and the CX-5 is a beautiful ideal*. 

*While Mazda graciously provided the ride, remarks are completely unsponsored :)

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