October 13, 2014

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena

Bliss came calling and its name was the Langham.

The landmark Langham Huntington Hotel stands as a lavish Gilded Age remnant of a 5-star retreat. Its massive 23-acre property in Pasadena is outfitted with lush, vibrant gardens, graceful Spanish cottages, grand historic ballrooms, and a brand new oasis that epitomizes luxury in spa and wellness. I checked into my expansive Langham Club Suite and was welcomed with an intricate, personalized chocolate confection that boasted the hotel's detailed hospitality. 

After a two-week roadtrip on the East Coast, my body and mind needed a balancing rejuvenation that was achieved through Chuan Spa's invigorating Chuan Stone Therapy massage. Hot and cold stones were softly integrated into the therapeutic session, which transported me into such a tranquil state just bordering that of a well-rested sleep. Prior to the massage, I experienced my first ever Mistral LHE facial, which uses technology in delivering an advanced blend of light and heat to treat visible signs of photodamage and acne, without the downtime, side effects, and hefty price tag of similar laser treatments. I've never had any kind of light therapy or laser done, so although the Mistral LHE application was a shock at first, it ended up being surprisingly comfortable and soothing throughout the entire 30-minute session. Following my spa services was an indulgent hour in Chuan Spa's Dream Room, a dim, calming space promoting a damn good nap. 

Of course I didn't want to do anything else but get back to my stunning suite, crawl into the plush bed in their ultra-soft robe and put on a good Netflix show. But dinner at The Royce was about to be served and I couldn't be more grateful for jumping from one indulgent experience to another. Its extraordinary fare of seasonal aged prime cuts beckoned to be savored and I cheated on my pescetarian diet that night because I'd be crazy not to. The chef surprised us in the end with a decadent layout of every dessert they offered and you'd think us little girls wouldn't make a dent in such a buffet, but we did it guys and with no shame at all. 

My overnighter quickly came and went but not without a delicious breakfast at The Terrace to send me off to San Francisco (recap to come!) in a happy morning mood. A stroll through the iconic grounds astounded me to believe that such a retreat existed just mere minutes outside of LA. The elegance and grace of the Langham Huntington Hotel emanate from the meticulous detail in service and ambiance as soon as you drive onto the property, and that deserves my utmost recommendation as a destination to experience for locals and travelers alike.

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