November 25, 2014

Gentle Fawn Holiday in NYC

Walking Central Park was a surreal experience that would've come the closest to jumping into a Sisley or Monet. The vibrant colors and picturesque stillness along the lake settled the intent to make Central Park in New York City our leaf-peeping trek every autumn. 

1st look: kimono. dress.
2nd look: shirt.
3rd look: sweater. skirt.

From the people who've come and gone, and stayed, and lamented about the harsh winters and brutal summers, there is always a vivacious and optimistic declaration of the most enchanting autumn that exists nowhere else but New York City. The brisk 60ยบ temperatures and the cloudless skies contrived the most perfect atmosphere the week we were there, allowing refreshing walks in the city in just the fuzziest of sweaters. I made it my objective to experience the city's best fall foliage this trip, while getting into the holiday ambition with whimsical brand, Gentle Fawn. Being that the weather was so kind, it was easy to traverse the island from Central Park to West Village in only the most comfortable yet feminine of Gentle Fawn's holiday looks, especially outfitted for an organic journey through urban nature. The paisley printed crushed velvet kimono and skirt were my favorite pieces  to wear from their spirited collection, because the texture and energy of the glamorous yet understated print perfectly complimented NYC's fall palette. Every piece was easy to mix and match without having to think twice, which saved more time in the mornings for tea in West Village.

I couldn't have asked for a more incredible trip that was less self-discovery and more present-life-discovery. Without the hustle and bustle and chaos of fashion week (the only instances I've visited New York City), time became normal and dinners in the city became longer and more pleasure than business. My view on the city has pivoted and a bi-coastal mindset has been planted.

Stay tuned for more NYC recaps!