December 29, 2014

YMI Flares

Flares. Can't live without them, yet can't wear them...until now.

Karen Kane jacket (on sale!). YMI jeans. Michael Stars t-shirt. Treesje bag. Kurt Geiger heels. Dogeared necklace.

There's no other trend I can't confidently wear than flare jeans. There are plenty of trends I won't wear, but flare jeans are the one that I simply adore for its nostalgic cool shape, and can't wear because of fits not conscious of the petite crowd. Hemming becomes tricky, when you don't want to hem so much that there's no more flare in the flares. Thanks to YMI, I've finally found the perfect fit without alteration and styled my first flare jeans since I was 8 years old. These WannaBettaButt jeans totally live up to its cheeky name and I can't stop wearing them with cropped sweaters and slim tees. They may be sold out on, but you can find them for sale at this specialty boutique here.


  1. SO nice.. ; -)


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  2. Oe that is such a nice jeans you are wearing.
    X Willemijn Sofie
    Amsterdam So Fashion

  3. Love the flare jeans! Been wanting to wear mine for awhile so this post definitely gave me some inspiration on how to style mine! You look beautiful as always :)


  4. Amazing cardigan! I love this outfit!

  5. deeply in love with this look

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  6. YASSSS! FLARES! I have an ancient pair of Level99 flares I scooped up from TJMaxx in 2008 that I have been holding onto in hopes the petite crowd would break free of the fashion industry oppression telling us we can't enjoy flares! I have a mind to just wear them anyway. There the flariest flared darlings and you have given my 5'2" (barely) self new hope! xx -Rachel