June 29, 2015

The Road to Bonnaroo with Teva

Reminiscing on the incredible roadtrip to Bonnaroo with Teva.

Velvet tie-dye dress, Teva white flatforms
Cynthia Rowley tee, H&M denim skirt, Levi's denim jacket, Teva white flatforms
Joe's Jeans white top, Cynthia Rowley red skirt, Teva black flatforms
Gentle Fawn striped top, Kenzo skirt, Teva pink sandals
Cleobella white romper, Teva braided sandals
d.Ra pink striped dress, CRAP sunglasses, Teva pink sandals

If there was a ever a time to believe in the power of putting things out into the universe, it would be right now, this time in my life. A few moments in the last 3 months, including during my trip in Key West, I explicitly declared the dream to visit New Orleans and Nashville and discover the south. And just a couple of weeks later, Teva manifested my declaration to the universe and gave me the opportunity to roadtrip through the South. The itinerary started from New Orleans, going through Birmingham to Nashville, and finally culminating the trip at Bonnaroo music festival, where Teva was the official sponsor. I definitely asked a couple of friends to pinch me to see if this was real.

I couldn't have been more lucky to also go with some great girls - Rachel, Dylana and Natalie - and basically embark on this journey with just ourselves, for an entire week straight. That meant 168 hours together in a different hotel each night, in our huge Chevy Suburban, and in a very cozy tent on Bonnaroo campgrounds. While the heat of the South made us crazy at times, the spontaneous moments like jumping into the lake, streaking in Alabama, and hopping the fences into whatever area we weren't supposed to be in by the stage made the trip the most memorable experience I've had so far. I'm staring at my 5 pairs of Tevas right now, sitting by the door waiting to be cleaned, and I'm now debating if I really want to rid them of their souvenir marks. The braided sandals are so ashy from rolling down the hill of the What stage and dancing hard in the dirt to SBTRKT. My white flatforms are basically green from tent hopping and making friends in grassy Tent City. My favorite pink Tevas are luckily nearly spotless as I made sure they survived the mud and sand after I DIY'ed them at the Teva Grind House with fringe tassels. Maybe I'll let them look worn with stories a little while longer. 

Thank you to Teva for this amazing roadtrip experience and thank you readers for following along! Check out the video below to see the action in motion and don't forget to subscribe to my new Youtube channel for more video diaries!


  1. amazing!! love video

  2. Super cute patterns and prints that you are wearing! I love your detailed photo journal


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  3. I love all the outfits the whole trip!!


  4. Such a fun post! ^_^

  5. so cute! ;-0)

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  6. If i have the chance, i would go out with my friends just have a good time. love your liftstyle.