July 13, 2015

Level 99 Romper

This is not just another denim romper.

Level 99 romper. Flynn bag. My Jewel Bar necklace. Swedish HasBeens shoes.

The girly shoulder ties and the slouchy open back make this simple romper from Level 99 a sure thing for looking as effortless as possible on a sweltering day. I'm amazing at run-on sentences, aren't I? It's been another great weekend in my new place, settling into a cozy Sunday night on the couch and not having to worry about driving back to Orange County so late at night. Just confirmed my very first overseas trip to Europe in less than 10 days and I'll be traveling for close to 4 whole weeks! I'm so excited and nervous; if you have any tips for traveling or places to explore in Austria and France, please let me know in the comments!