September 14, 2015

L.A. Fall with SOREL

Getting acquainted with fall.

Cleobella romper. Jerome Dreyfuss backpack. Rag & Bone hat. Sorel boots

I’m the worst person to ask how to dress for fall and I blame it on my style livelihood spent in Southern California. Fall barely exists beyond a subtle dip in temperatures down to a mild 60°, so I can call it a day with a slim cashmere sweater. But you’ll still find me obsessively pinning outfits full of swooping layers and thick textures in muted tones of autumn. I’m kind of jealous of you New Yorkers and San Franciscans, where fall layering is actually a thing. You get to kick it up in cozy boots and fur-lined jackets that would just get weird side-eyes here.

Jealousy aside, I can tell you how I dress for a lighthearted fall in Los Angeles. Keeping legs bare is way acceptable (and sometimes necessary when the sun decides to up the temperature), so don’t store away those rompers, cutoffs, or mini denim skirts. Here I took a barely-there black romper and I mimicked the layering effect with a giant wool scarf that can double as a poncho and triple as a comfy blanket. Fall season is boot season, so I took out my new low ankle booties from SOREL that’ll look killer whether it’s hot, cold, or perfectly in-between. Not only do these booties dress up any outfit, its waterproof leather will also protect from the elements, all in the name of staying chic and comfortable. And I’m sure you know by now how much I value function and style as a complementary combination, which is why I adore SOREL for their elevated footwear. If I were to pick one fall essential, it would hands down be sleek ankle booties that can hold its own, just like these SOREL ones.

This post is sponsored by SOREL. All opinions, writing, and images are my own.


  1. Love this look! Perfect for "Fall" in LA!


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  3. where did you get that gorgeous scarf? thanks

  4. Where did you buy that scarf/poncho? It's darling!

  5. Where did you buy that scarf/poncho? It's darling but so cozy!