September 9, 2015

Pioneertown, CA

I fell in love with the desert.

The day after I landed from Europe, Kyle and I set on a mini roadtrip for his surprise birthday weekend. I planned a getaway in Pioneertown, where the grass isn't greener but the air is fresher and the land of breathable solitude is vast. Roadtrip weekend became the necessary zone to sleep in, drink beers all day, and experience a break from the hustle together

I really didn't have anything planned (on purpose), so we shuffled around Pioneertown on a whim. Surprisingly in 104ยบ air, we spent our time outdoors a lot. Some of our favorite things to do included sitting on the porch with beers in hand, people-watching tourists coming in and going out of Pioneertown, dancing in our air-conditioned, mid-century modern cabin listening to killer records for hours at a time, and hopping between crazy good antique stores trying to bring a piece or two of Pioneertown back to our living room. 

A couple of antique stores to hit up for great Southwestern-inspired pieces are Pioneer Crossing and Tamma's Magic Mercantile (the Pegasus logo got us). Kyle and I picked up a wonderful French art deco painting and some ornamental pottery to fill our space. 

If you were to tell me that Pioneertown/Yucca Valley had incredible food, you would've surprised me and I would've owed you a lot of money if we placed a bet. Pappy & Harriet's restaurant, right next door to our Pioneertown cabin, creates some of the yummiest food (super vegan friendly!) that you can eat listening to amazing live music. I discovered a GREAT bluegrass band that literally made me cry in the restaurant with one of their soulful melodies. Another must-try is Papa's Smokehouse BBQ, just a few miles from Pioneertown, that serves award-winning BBQ reminiscent of my Southern childhood. My mouth salivates every time I across the picture of their combo. 

Of all the places we've traveled, something of Pioneertown really captured our hearts. We're not sure if it's because of how we experienced the town or if there is just something magical there. Probably a combination of both. With it being only an hour and half outside of LA, I think we'll make Pioneertown our quarterly trip for our spirits' inspiration and restoration.