October 13, 2015

My Tacori

The passionate side of shiny things.

I grew up playing with my mom's sparkly things and dreaming of my own shiny, pristine collection of diamonds and precious jewels. In my younger years, I spent a lot of my lunch money buying costume jewelry to the point where my drawers and countertops were flowing with baubles. Now, after an adult parting with past relics for a charitable cause, I'm carefully starting my new collection of fine jewelry investing in pieces I can love forever. Tacori has always been a household name in my fashion book, because their unique, intricate jewelry stand out and amplify the feminine allure. Not only am I proud to call a few Tacori jewels as my own, but also after fangirling over their brand since I was a teenager, it's become a huge privilege to work with Tacori for the last three years of Honey & Silk. 

Tacori hosts an annual soiree dubbed "Club Tacori", in which they invite their celebrity friends and top clients  to a glamorous affair, decked out to the nines. It's so good that I look forward to it year after year, getting to dress up and rub shoulders with some of my favorite celebs like Christina Hendricks and dining with extravagant entertainment. This year, I wore a ruffled black dress from Reformation to simply let my new Tacori earrings shine. These diamond earrings are a prime example of what I love most about Tacori - their zealous attention to detail. 

While their sophisticated craft is obvious in their final product, I got to experience the true dedication to their brand during an in-depth behind-the-scenes tour at Tacori's headquarters. Everything, from start to finish, gets handmade right here in California, just 20 minutes from my home and Tacori completely embodies the phrase 'labor of love'. They're an incredible brand that treats not only their entire team as family, but also their customers and fans as part of the Tacori family - and that's why I love them.

Below are a couple of recaps from the headquarters tour and from the Club Tacori gala.