October 23, 2015

Simply Stylist x Dove

Introduced by Simply Stylist, I've partnered with Dove to share how I prepare for an eventful day.

My success in conquering the busiest of days lies solely in the effervescence of my morning routine. I used to be the person who’d wake up to my alarm and immediately check my phone to get rid of those red icon notifications and get sucked into work right off the bat. I made an effort in the beginning of this year to wake up and focus on what matters at the start of the day and the end of the day and that is me – my wellness and peace of soul.  I realized that only when I’m in my best condition am I able to conquer my goals and be there for my team of family and friends.  And a great morning routine will set you up for an even greater day ahead, especially when you’re looking forward to an inspiring Fashion x Beauty Conference hosted by Simply Stylist.

A lot of my morning comprises of Dove because their gentle products have kept my routine effortless and my days carefree. One of my new favorites of Dove is their Dry Spray Antiperspirant, which is an antiperspirant spray that instantly dries for 48 hours of protection and also includes Dove’s nourishing moisturizer so underarms are smooth, soft, and always dry. With the Dry Spray Antiperspirant, I’ll never have to worry about visible residue or perspiration even on the hottest days.  This product is another beauty essential that has made my days better so I never leave the house or go on a trip without it!