October 28, 2015

Waving at Winter

Saying hello to fall and winter with H&M.

H&M sweater. H&M skirt. H&M earrings. H&M socks. Tommy Hilfiger boots. Saint Laurent bag.

Cloudier days and cooler nights are coming around (finally!) so I went to H&M to stock up on a few heavy knits and layering long sleeves to transition my wardrobe. In addition to the textured sweater I brought home above, I picked up a classic wool camel coat from their Conscious Collection because you can never have too much of camel and at such a great price, the buying decision was instant. But I really, really love the sweater because of the fringed action that's a bit reminiscent of every girl's favorite Isabel Marant. And how do you feel about these big earrings? As you may notice, I'm never heavy on the jewelry and pretty much everything I own is dainty and minimal. But these statement fringe earrings caught my eye at H&M and I couldn't let them go. I recently watched 'Iris' on Netflix (amazing movie!), so I think a little bit of eclectic Apfel influenced the jewelry buy. Needless to say, I'm kind of obsessing over my recent H&M haul, so I urge you guys to check them out for some new, affordable winter wear!