November 25, 2015

A Cut with Living Proof

Sharing my pampering salon experience with Mêche and Living Proof.

The holidays are going to be fantastic, now that I can tackle through the best time of year with a fresh new haircut. I've been bleak about my hair over the last month because I felt it was presently too long in the first picture above. My hair just grows faster than I'd like. I usually get a cut every 5 months and since my last salon visit was in June, it was just about time to get back in the chair. 

I visited Mêche salon in Beverly Hills this past weekend and revitalized my hair with the help of Living Proof. My stylist Hannah Burdy took a look at what was going on with my hair and educated me on how to give it more life with the use of specific Living Proof products and of course a new haircut. I'd like to just get this out of the way and say that I've never seen a salon so busy, ever! On a hot Saturday morning, Mêche was like an assembly factory of beautiful people and chic hair; it was nuts. But I knew I've come to the right place since this was my first time at Mêche. Anyway, Hannah evaluated my hair needs and recommended me a few Living Proof hair products that she'll be using to style my hair today and for me to achieve the same look daily. Perhaps my favorite part of any salon visit is the hair wash and massage; Hannah cleansed my hair with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and massaged my head to oblivion with the Perfect Hair Day Conditioner, both of which are optimal for all hair types - they're sulfate-free (a must for me), safe for color- and chemically-treated hair, and they deliver a beautiful, healthy canvas for hair styling. After the wash and chopping off about 2-3 inches of my hair, the visit quickly moved towards the last leg of the hour and soon-to-be magic reveal. Hannah applied the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment from root to ends, which is basically an all-in-one volumizer, conditioner, smoother, strengthener, and polisher (that's 5, right?) that I can use every morning because of how light, yet effective the formula is in keeping a natural look. She spritzed in a little bit of Living Proof Blowout, a styling and finishing spray that'll lift the roots, act as a thermal protectant, and keep your blowout lasting longer. After the blowdry, we used a flat iron (my personal preference) in adding a bit of bounce and a tousled wave to my hair. To finish off my hairstyle, Hannah applied a touch of Amp Instant Texture Volumizer with her hands starting from the bottom of my scalp lifting up through my hair, adding volume to my roots and body, and used her fingers to separate my ends for added texture and a lived-in look. I'm not used to applying this many products in my hair, so I was shocked to discover how unbelievably soft and touchable my hair was, while still keeping its shape and life throughout the day (and through our Friendsgiving party!). Since the visit, I've attempted to recreate the look with the Living Proof products I took home and it's such a happy relief to find how easy it really is when you're given the right tools and knowledge. 

For now, I'm going to keep using the Living Proof products and I'll be reporting back shortly with how it's going. Stay close!

Compensation was provided for this post by Living Proof Inc.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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