November 3, 2015

Camel Cashmere

Cashmere and suede for LA's first glimpse of winter.

Claudie Pierlot sweater. Designer Remix skirt (similar here). Salvatore Ferragamo purse. Dune heels. Tacori earrings.

In August, I came home with a full bag of goodies as a result of a 3-day Paris shopping binge. Yet, this is the first appearance of one of such things because the temperature has dipped just enough to showcase my finds. One of the brands I was excited to shop while in France is the elegant embodiment of Parisian allure, Claudie Pierlot. The design house's feminine cuts and French interpretations of timeless classics (read: focus on the details) caught my attention when I passed their boutique window. I set my mind on investing in key wardrobe pieces from Paris (although it's hard when everything was just so adorable), so I brought back this camel cashmere sweater that would be a perfect layering piece in a full winter look. Additionally, I really love the little pocket that adds a dash of character to this minimalist piece. A few more Claudie Pierlot tops and sweaters made it into my suitcase and I can't wait to style those soon - I'm already thinking of flared jeans and long cardigans to pair with.

If you're heading to Paris or anywhere in France soon, definitely check out Claudie Pierlot's boutiques and I guarantee you'll become obsessed. While Claudie Pierlot's dedicated e-store isn't shoppable in the U.S., lucky for us Selfridges stocks the collection and ships internationally to the U.S. with ease.


  1. amazing look ; -)

    i invite to me too

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! The colors and textures together are perfect.

  3. Great look! Perfect for this time of year :)
    ➳ Jessica