November 28, 2015

Home Is Where The Heart Is

And when your heart lies in adventure, LAX is home.

The very first take-off I experienced on a solo trip across the country in my teenage years was something so significant, I wanted to write about it in my personal essay. Since then, I haven't found a comfort stronger than the accelerated, yet gentle, roar of the engine that beckons the beginning of an adventure away from familiarity. I've flown across California and over the country uncounted times and while travel is a stressful time for many, it's a reviving thrill for me. 

LAX is the beautiful heart of my adventure, the start and finish line. On an adventure taking off from Tom Bradley International Terminal, the acquainted sense of sterility in baggage drop and security is quickly undone as the entrance of Villaraigosa Pavilion opens up to a modernized grand concourse lined with designer boutiques and familiar LA favorites like Fred Segal, Petrossian, ink.sack, and more hip places that collectively rival retail experiences like my go-to Westfield Century City. Luxurious lounges are plentiful in open spaces with soaring ceilings and while they're new and ultra-comfortable, I still find myself waiting for my flight in the unceremonious row of leather seats that keeps tradition. Although, it'll be after I've taken my time window shopping Hermes, having an adult drink at Starbucks, and a burger from Umami Burger. 

There's a lot happening at LAX, where they're bringing the Los Angeles experience to the moment you get off the plane and exit the gate through crowds of passengers anxiously waiting to get through where you came from. As a Los Angeles urbanite who loves her city, the airport is always the best welcome home and that's why LAX is home.

Check out for all updates, news, and hot spots when you're flying out on your next adventure.


  1. Ah love your outfit, so chic and comfortable. 2016 should be the year of travelling for me, can't wait to get acquainted with LAX myself! xoxo

  2. Gorgeous jumpsuit and boots! You look beautiful and so chic!

    MARTA from