November 18, 2015

Starry Night

Crafting my very own signature flatforms with Teva.

I have a certain fascination with the stars, ever since I was young when the glittering night dome took over my sight with millions of twinkling lights and the dim glow of the Milky Way. The gorgeous vision is so inspiring to me; the night sky reminds me of how beautiful anything can be in its most organic form. I’m also really into the relationship we have with the stars and how the motion of the Earth, Sun and Zodiac delivers such a complex, yet interesting influence. 

Stars can be really cute in fashion, but there’s a very defined line between chic and kitschy star motifs. I have a few star-printed clothes, which I absolutely love, like this timeless little black dress that I scored at a sample sale. While I love the classic star symbol, I love seeing different interpretations of the night sky in print. When Teva sent me their latest collaboration with HonestlyWTF that includes a DIY Kit featuring Swarovski crystals, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the little gold dots and crystals on my black Flatform Universal Sandals. I’m a Cancer baby, so I designed the Cancer constellation on the front strap of the sandals and embellished the rest of the strap as the surrounding starry night sky. I’m not a DIY or artsy person at all, but I found this surprisingly easy with Erica Chan’s instructions and tips in the information booklet that came with the kit. Every thing I needed for the DIY was also included in the kit or things I have at home like scissors, toothpicks, and a tweezer. After an hour and half of DIYing, I finished with a fresh, unique pair of Teva sandals that I’m SO PROUD of! 

If you love Teva as much as I do and want your own personalized pair, I highly suggest getting their latest collaboration with HonestlyWTF and even making a DIY holiday party out of it with friends! It’ll be amazing to see what you and your friends create, maybe even over a glass or two of eggnog ;)