December 19, 2015

Just Mine

Hair care I can call my very own.

If you’re just as self-loving, I adore anything that I can stamp my name on for a personalized touch. I’ve got my wallet, my phone case, my necklaces, and more emblazoned with “Stephanie”, but never have I thought I would have my own shampoo & conditioner! New hair care line ProfilePro comes in and customizes a complete shampoo and conditioner set to your unique hair needs and labels the bottle with your name and custom formula ID (for easy re-ordering). If you know people who love wearing their name, ProfilePro will be the perfect gift for them for holidays, birthdays, and just because. 

I experienced ProfilePro’s unique customization by answering several questions about my hair type, behavior, hair and scalp condition, and especially the lovely scent I’d like. For reference, I have coarse, dry hair that stays sort of normal to limp if I literally don’t style it at all, and my scalp can be both dry and oily. I basically have all the issues. After trying out my customized ProfilePro set a few times throughout the week (I wash my hair every other day), I noticed how my scalp is much less dry throughout the day and there’s actual, real volume at the roots when my I let my hair dry naturally! Using the set in the shower is also a pleasant experience, as the shampoo and conditioner feel so good in my hair and lathers nicely. You know shampoo consistency totally matters! Not only that, the jasmine scent is intoxicating. The line is sulfate- and paraben-free and is made in Italy, under cruelty-free conditions. Check ✔ check ✔ check ✔

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  1. so amazing!! ;-)

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