January 26, 2016

A Better Closet

A comfy knit and a skirt I'm so happy I didn't give away.

A spring cleaning was underway just before a couple of weeks of traveling. I donated, sold, and sorted my entire wardrobe with a closet organizer and the weight of needless things had been lifted. If you're a hoarder like me, I highly suggest getting professional help. And a professional closet organizer helps in the best way possible - they delegate, advise, and organize in a manner that works for you! She held my hand every step of the way, through every dress that was taken, and gave me great advice on how to make my closet space more efficient.

My closet transformation inspired me to utilize my current clothes more efficiently. Now that I was thinking about 30ยบ weather across the pond, I found a great way to wear more of my shoe wardrobe in the cold: the key is cute socks! As we were packing for London, I looked at the heels I love and the boots I was dreading to wear, while Kyle kept reminding me to pack warm socks. Then it clicked! So I hunted the webs for cuter socks than the packs I buy at Target and I stumbled upon Hansel from Basel. I basically bought half their inventory and I couldn't be more smitten. With at least 5 pairs of socks, I brought three pairs of my most favorite heels and they were given new winter life. Even after coming home to warmer sun in LA, I kept with the cute and cozy trend.

This week I'm trying to keep warm once again, but not so far away, in New York City. I traded in the cottages for high rises and the view is still stunning. 


  1. Really cute look! Love these photos. And you are inspiring me to organize my closet!


  2. Such a springy look!


  3. Love how chunky that sweater is!


  4. Love the outfit and your puns :)