February 8, 2016

Lunar New Year Giveaway

Happy Lunar New Year!

Although my family is very much westernized, they didn't grow up celebrating American traditions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, so it's not something they have ever put much effort towards other than making sure our family comes together. But, when it comes to Lunar New Year, my Chinese family bring out all the stops and traditions. There's a complete overflow of dumplings, fish, and crab at the dinner table and the adult-ing generation is making it rain with red envelopes (thankfully I'm not at that age to have to give them out just yet). It is such a huge and important holiday for Chinese culture, as well as Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asian cultures and my parents really get excited about this one because it's all about family. Lunar New Year is a fabulous festivity full of love that I'm proud to celebrate.

I've been extremely impressed at how recognized Lunar New Year has become as a holiday and tradition for Asian-Americans in the U.S. Over the last few years, I've noticed big malls (especially the richest mall in America) and parts of Los Angeles deck themselves out in glamorous red and gold decoration to commemorate the new year and the spirit of the year's animal (this year being the Monkey!). It's almost as ornate as Christmas time! New York City even makes it an official holiday for schools. Brands have also caught onto the holiday by designing special products or capsule collections in honor of the Lunar New Year (check out Louis Vuitton, Godiva) and I was excitingly shocked to find one of my personal favorite brands, Karen Millen, chiming in as well. Karen Millen designed a beautiful, 20-piece collection inspired by the lucky red of Lunar New Year. Floral sequins, intricate lacing, and stunning botanical prints characterize the capsule collection that is exclusively available to their New York 5th Ave. flagship, Santa Monica flagship, and Bloomingdale's Aventura. 

If you're not near any of these locations, don't fret! I'm giving you a chance to win this gorgeous scarlet dress with the most delicate and elegant floral beading for Lunar New Year. To enter to win, follow my Instagram for details. Good luck and thanks for entering. Happy Lunar New Year!


  1. Happy Lunar Year to you too. A lot of cultures from other countries are getting popularised in the US. Your gown is lovely, the details are eye catching. And those Valentino shoes....


  2. Lovely!! Happy New Years!


  3. Happy Lunar New Year to you too! Love your dress outfit to commemorate the new year.

    •.•°•.• savorytouch •.•°•.•

  4. this cocktail dress is simply super elegant. I love the detail of the flowers