May 20, 2016

Pre-Travel Beauty Prep

Pre-Travel Beauty Prep | HONEY & SILK

A few must-do beauty tips before your next getaway, so you can truly travel like an effortless globetrotter.

Pre-Travel Beauty Prep | HONEY & SILK
Pre-Travel Beauty Prep | HONEY & SILK
Pre-Travel Beauty Prep | HONEY & SILK

Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are the best thing you can do for your face before going on vacation. You will literally wake up every morning with a fresh face and ready to go in less than 10 minutes, cutting down your getting-ready time and affording an additional few minutes for another glass of rosé. My eyelash extensions are so soft and comfortable; I barely notice them there when I'm adventuring through the city all day. I only sometimes wear mascara on my bottom lashes and eyeliner is a thing of my past (none at all in the photos above). I'm loyal to my lash girl Amanda at IRIS + WEST in Los Angeles, because only she knows how to treat my lashes right.  

Gel Manicure
After my nail bed was completely ruined by a botched acrylic job in high school, I swore off "nail enhancing" techniques forever. But in recent years, I've been hearing the word "gels" thrown around between my girlfriends and after a bit of googling, I decided to give this new phenomenon a try. I can easily see how gel manicures can be a monthly addiction, because they never chip and they last for weeks, while keeping a natural and glossy look. These are perfect for going on vacation or business trips, when I like to keep a fresh manicure for photos all week long. Gel manicures are generally safer and healthier for your nail bed, but I like to skip a month in between gels to let my nails breathe a little. I go to my local Bellacures - they're reliable, clean, and so hospitable!

The Facial
I have sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I know how fussy my skin can get when I'm traveling to new destinations with elements my skin isn't used to. I visit my go-to skin health experts at Kate Somerville's Skin Clinic on Melrose Place a week before my trip to get their soothing Signature Facial. This facial is a gentle process that leaves my skin clean, glowing, and completely clear for the following weeks across the world. 

The Detox
It's just as important to prep your overall wellness and beauty internally with a focus on hydration and detox foods. Eliminate processed foods and refined sugars a week before your trip and start incorporating more leafy greens like kale and chard for radiant skin. Also eat more citrus fruits for an impactful dose of vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your immune system up and kicking (because being sick on vacation is the worst, right?). I love looking to Kimberly Snyder for her tasty recipes and her Beauty Detox philosophy. Drink a ton of green tea to hydrate and help flush out toxins and pack some tea bags to-go for the plane ride and rest of your trip. Realistically, you're going to enjoy some fantastic food abroad, no holds barred, so strengthen up your immunity and all your inner workings before you leave!


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