August 8, 2016

7 Days in a Carry-On

Style tips on how to pack 7 days of outfits in a carry-on and a duffle, with help from my good friend Joy of Modern Vintage Life.

Joy and I are frequent travelers and I admit, I'm an over-packer. I constantly find myself hauling a large suitcase AND a carry-on, sometimes just for a weekend trip! *I swear I didn't mean to throw my whole closet in there.* When you're traveling back-to-back and having to switch out your travel wardrobe, packing and organizing outfits can be a menace when you're supposed to rejoice in the destination. 

I want to wear something different everyday, so I tend to pack a ton of dresses, an entire shelf of pants, and more shoes than I ever need, just to have options. Through this collaboration, I realized that you don't need a hundred different items just to have completely different outfits - it all depends on how you mix and match and style to utilize a few key pieces for distinct looks. 

We teamed up to bring you 7 different outfits for 7 days in a carry-on and a duffle bag to solve our luggage woes. When we packed these outfits into our luggage, I was shocked at the extra room and how light the carry-on was (to Kyle's relief). That was the aha moment, realizing that there really is something to coordinating ahead! Plus, it's so convenient to have the moodboards on hand, whether it's in your iPhone Photo Album or online, to reference your outfits each morning of your trip.

We had so much fun helping each other through these luggage woes, so to showcase a few of our travel wardrobe options, I styled Joy in my outfits and she styled me in hers! Below you'll see Joy looking beautiful and effortless in some of my outfits. To see her tips and styles for 7 days in a carry-on, and for photos of me rocking her travel outfits, go to her blog Modern Vintage Life now!

Click-through and shop each outfit moodboard below and hover your mouse over the pics to shop items straight from the photo. Hope this helps you pack effortlessly for your next trip! 


  1. so amazing :-)))

    i invite to me too

  2. I always do the best match during travels, because i focus in few items

  3. Love your style!