August 31, 2016


French Romantic Style | HONEY & SILK

A breather to say hello.

French Romantic Style | HONEY & SILK

How are you doing? 

Life doesn't get in the way, it is the way and it's a constantly evolving course in which you challenge yourself to keep up. In January, I professed that my golden year will be the year, already because it was set up to become extraordinary as the year I'll marry my best friend. Up until today, I've experienced some incredible moments across the spectrum, like visiting multiple parts of the world  and then taking Kyle to the ER after an unfortunate fall. My inspiration expanded to reaching depths of romance and elegance in feminine beauty and my wellness in health and skin has become my first priority. You'll see that I'm back to an almost 100% vegan diet (cheat days are my saving grace). I've taken up pilates thanks to my friend Jenny, who dragged my fitness-hating butt to the best butt sculptors in LA. Lots of things converged to shape who I am this very second, so you'll start to see some changes in my blog, very soon. As you already noticed, I've changed the Honey & Silk logo into a more refined, grown-up version of itself (or myself really). The blog layout is going through a revival. Youtube is still so new to me, but capturing moments in motion brings life to my stories so I'm excited to continue exploring this channel. All in all, it has been my best year yet and I'm happy that it's far from over, especially with changes, bumps, and humps in between. 

Back to Kyle, he's doing just fine for someone who tore his Achilles tendon. He's a strong soul who's basically a master at recovering from broken things from his mischievous childhood. We're recovering together at home, taking the time to meticulously plan our wedding. Working with our wedding planner Nancy has been so fantastic, I don't know where we'd be without her. We're on track to have a great party in November, but we're lacking a florist and videographer and we'd love recommendations! Interestingly, going through the elements of wedding planning has stirred a fervor for calligraphy and it's something I'm excited to pursue, because I believe beauty is all in the littlest details and this would improve my handwriting one thousand percent. 

This sounds like one of those end-of-year recap posts, but really it should be an everyday check-in that I'll do more of. 
So, back to my question: how are you doing? 

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  1. This post was exactly the motivation I needed to hear, even if you didn't intend it to be that :)

    I set my intentions for the beginning of this year to be full of new beginnings, but somehow found myself loosing the motivation and forgetting my goals halfway through the year.

    Thank you for the reminder that you can always pick yourself back off when were you left :)

    Heather x

  2. Love this post and hope Kyle has a speedy recovery! Mark's Garden in Sherman Oaks did our wedding flowers and they are incredible!



  3. You are always so beautiful! :)

    Love, Ev

  4. Very pretty!