August 24, 2016


The vibrancy of Mexico City, or also known as Distrito Federal, is flaunted through masterful murals scattered through the city, contemporary structures that house worldly art and cuisine, and the vivacious citizens that go above and beyond hospitality.  Packing could go both ways, to either enhance the colorful palette of the destination with a vivid wardrobe of prints and bold hues or admire it with a complimentary ensemble of primary neutrals with a pop of Mexico City-pink. Clean lines like an A-line skirt or the half moon crossbody pay homage to the minimalist architectural landscape of famous architect Luis Barragán, while polished acrylic pendant earrings are worthy of Frida Kahlo's vanity. 

Follow along at #stephskipstown for our adventure in Mexico City for my fiancé's birthday!


  1. Ahh these Gucci shoes are a pure dream... <3

    xo Vanessa from

  2. Great list!


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