September 28, 2016

A Styled Connection

How a fashion lover says hello.

The sentiment of the written word is the reason I continue to write with pen and paper to share my notes, stories, and every meaningful correspondence. I'm a true sentimentalist who keeps every handwritten card I'm given, because I feel the genuine affection that lines every pen stroke. While I keep a huge memory box of cards in my closet, there are a few special ones I like to keep as visual adornments around my home: the sweet just-because kind of love letter from my fiancĂ© and a christmas card from a friend across the world who I haven't seen in 7 years, just to reveal a couple. 

When I consider the kind of personal cards I want to share, I believe that the visual is just as important as the message. Papyrus is my absolute go-to brand for stationery, because of their unparalleled vision in quality and craftsmanship that captures the genuine art of personal connections. This NYFW season, Papyrus launched the first ever fashion designer collaboration with couture designer Zang Toi, exhibiting a collection of stationery that incorporates Toi's passion for dramatic design and intricate embellishments. These one-of-a-kind cards elevate the personal experience of card giving by allowing a fashion-lover like me deliver cards that reflect my style. And I love that these beautiful cards will make creative keepsakes with a special message behind the fold.


  1. I love written sentimentals as much as I love you!! <3 <3

  2. I keep all of my handwritten cards too. They're definitely sentimental. :)

  3. Papyrus is the best. Coupled with a fashionable edge, these are perfect for people like us!