October 27, 2016

Living in Silk

A casual introduction to a serious find.

Part of my year's goals as I continuously purge and revamp my wardrobe is to ensure that every piece I add back into my closet is an upgrade. Natural textiles and high quality are the two most important details that make up every decisive buy, but I'm also very cost-aware. I sincerely value a dress or handbag that deserves the investment price, though for the majority of my wardrobe, I like to shop for an expensive look without the expensive expenses. Grana recently waltzed into my life and showed me the way for accessing luxurious fabrics like silk and cashmere with thoughtful design. Without breaking the bank, you can add-to-cart silk slip dresses and camis, cozy cashmere sweaters, and soft Japanese denim boyfriend cuts to your day-to-day closet, all under the price of an average silk dress from elsewhere. Grana's silk v-neck dress is my favorite find because it is so comfortable and the way the silk drapes and flows as you stride is magical. 

You have to try Grana because it's a brand I'm sincerely excited to see produce more luxurious designs with affordability and quality in mind. Use my promo code STEPHANIExGRANA for 10% off your purchase and free shipping worldwide. 

P.S. Above is a sneak peek at some of the flowers I'll be using at my wedding ;) I just came from meeting our amazing florist, Flowerboy Project.