November 14, 2016

Venice with DFS

Over the summer, Kyle and I ventured to Venice, Italy with DFS, the leading luxury travel retailer,
for an unforgettable, romantic adventure around the city in telling how we #GiveJoy for the holiday season.

1. Getting lost in the streets: taking a detour at any turn can lead to unexpected, picturesque, serene scenes that no travel guide can show you. Discover deserted squares, tucked-away wine bars, and locals chatting through their open windows. This is the real magic of Venice!

2. Experiencing art restoration: art preservation and restoration is a committed craft in Venice and we were lucky to learn a tidbit on how to restore centuries-old parchments and sculptures at an art restoration school.

3. Sipping espresso overlooking the Grand Canal: It was nearing dusk and we went to the rooftop terrace of Hotel Danieli, where views of the Grand Canal were unobstructed and magnificent.

4. Making our way through Venice on a chic speedboat: Forget the gondola, take a water taxi tour through the waterways of Venice and, like the NYC subway system but better, get dropped off at an unfamiliar borough and make your way back home by foot.

5. Taking in the views of Venice on the rooftop of DFS: The new DFS store couldn’t be in a more perfect, central location by the famous Rialto Bridge, but the rooftop terrace is not to miss. Offering panoramic views of all of Venice, the terrace is a romantic, special place to watch the sunset over the expansive, stunning horizon of Venice’s red and golden rooftops.

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  1. Venice is a perfect place for honeymoon. There are lots of beautiful places that will drop us in romance by creating an awesome mood for honeymoon. I have read more about this romantic spot and a number of travelers recommend to visit here at least once in life. Venice is colorful and picturesque and is a real paradise for the honeymoon travelers.

  2. This is such a cute video! I would love to visit Venice soon! :) x Laura