January 6, 2017

First Week

How to do cozy.


California's share of winter is a conversation come January, and the motto of the season, "stay cozy", becomes ubiquitous in dialogue.

Cozy is a steaming cup of tea with the morning light, 

and a few lit candles with a favorite author, 

        and draping yourself in warm knits

                and the natural heat from the cat who snuggles. 

The ease of familiarity makes cozy the unquestionable state of mind  during a draggy, bitter season, but breaking out of the comfort zone is the key to accomplishing 2017.

Michael Stars top / skirt / wrap. Missoni belt. Celine shoes.

A couple of things have since happened after the exorbitant, blurry NYE scene at Soho House: an ailment has struck down my energy making this first week the most unproductive start to 2017. Lots of travel plans for first quarter have been cancelled and priorities suddenly need an overhaul. A bit vague, I apologize - but moral of the story is that as ambitious as we are when the clock resets at midnight, things can go just as awry and unplanned, forcing the shift from comfort zone to facing the blazing neon sign that spells figure-it-out. When things go so amiss, and I'm tweeting if Mercury is retrograde, and I'm feeling a bit of loss of control, my comfort is my grace and self-trust in growing through challenges. When you're outside your comfort zone, either keep your chin up and have a glass of wine handy or ...well there's nothing else to it, because growth is the sure thing you can achieve when nothing else is in your favor. As haughty as this sounds, 2016 seemed a bit easy; thus, my guts tell me 2017 is going to bring it.
I'm ready

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  1. fabulous post! Looking super cosy and chic :)

    Jo x


  2. So chic!


  3. This is absolutely lovely! The outfit is stunning, and the photos are perfect. I love how you've styled this. I hope your energy is up again soon!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    1. I appreciate your comment! And thank you for the well wishes, I can't wait to get the year started on the right foot <3

  4. Great post, that wrap is super cozy!

    1. Thank you! The wrap is seriously the best for a chilly day out.

  5. I'm all about that cozy life.

    Eric Jess