January 18, 2017

Minted Moment

Sartorial effortlessness for the wedding.


A visceral palette of Ivory, Gold, Slate, Crystal, and Moonlit Blue.


"Light, so low in the vale 
   You flash and lighten afar;
For this is the golden morning of love,
   And you are his morning star."

-- Lord Alfred Tennyson

Mrs. Hjelmeseth.

It's pronounced YELM-seth.

My new official name has gotten considerably harder and longer to spell. But oh how married life is the sweet life! Kyle and I committed to forever last November and the holidays immediately following were the most relaxing we've ever had. Balancing wedding planning with day-to-day life for eight months was a fervent challenge that seemed endless until the big day had arrived. As soon as we finished the best day we've ever had, Kyle and I slept for sixteen hours straight in our honeymoon suite and the holidays became our hibernation.

I'm thrilled to post photos from our wedding very, very soon; until then, I wanted to share this special partnership with Minted Weddings who gave me the opportunity to recreate a theme that I might have alternatively designed for our wedding. Many of my friends are narrowing down their paper designs and decor for their weddings this coming summer and I'm ecstatic to share the effortless experience that Minted provides to make the process much less stressful.

My advice for future brides-to-be: plan your theme early and create a comprehensive mood board that delivers the essence of your inspiration and palette. Mood boards are especially helpful for your wedding coordinator, vendors, and your wedding party! Pinterest is the most accessible platform to source inspiration; if possible, create a contact sheet of images that is easy to email and save to your phone to have with you at all times.
Ok, so, if I could do it all over again (and maybe I just will)...

...my dream alternate wedding takes place along the majestic cliffs overlooking the picturesque shoreline of the Pacific. Textures of transparent layers and the prismatic reflection of the candlelight sculpt the tablescape of crystal and marble platters. Organic bunches of Lunaria and Stardust elevates an aura of celestial romance under the pale moonlight. The bridal party gathers for photos against the salty breeze and roaring shore of the opaque horizon unseen, adorned in billowing silhouettes of black silk and crystal pendants. Our clean, visual palette of monochrome texture would touch our guests' senses as soon as they receive our letterpress invitation: an elegant composition of 100% cotton paper and a tactile impression of a simplistic and refined typeface. Coupled with an antiqued script for the guest's address and a customized stamp, the aesthetic effortlessness of the invitation enlivens the  minimalist spirit of us. Hues of the moonlit sea would come to life in the painterly design of our menu, table numbers, and gift tags while flourishes of opulent gold enrich the flatware and accent our last personal detail of the wedding: the thank-you cards

Our inspiration of sensory hues and raw sophistication is seamless across the breadth of stationery and details, but imperfect in it's matching in an alluring depiction. 


Thank you to Minted for the effortless customization service and the beautiful designs as a result of a wistful dream of a romantic celebration, all over again.


  1. These photos are absolutely stunning. Congratulations Mrs. Hjelmeseth!

    Amber - yachtsmaan.blogspot.com

  2. Amazing photos!


  3. so magic look ; >>>

    i invite to me too


  4. Loving this post. Your wedding looked lovely. xx

    Eric Jess