February 21, 2017

LIttle Luxuries

Indulge in the finer things by buying less and spending just a little more on whatever makes your heart flutter. Moments can be spared for a glass of rosé near a fine candle by Le Labo, or a chocolate ganache dessert on a moody, starlit rooftop. Adopt a pair of Chanel slingbacks that have been gently loved and make it your staple. Wait a little patiently for the end-of-season sale, because when everything is so good from designers like Isabel Marant or Rachel Comey, you'll find an investment-worthy piece at a price that'll leave you giddy out the door; that is, unless you come across something that just absolutely defines your soul. Take it. And don't buy anything else like it. It'll be your staple ____ dress (fill in the blank: white, cocktail, look-good-anyday).

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  1. so nice pics; >>>

    i invite to me too


  2. Such a beautiful dress!