February 8, 2017

Here's the Thing

Two Noteworthy Discoveries:
1. Anything you want, Chanel has already done in its magic touch.
2. Never swing your head too fast with solid heavyweight earrings.


I see the light of spring just hiding beyond the rain clouds, that's laid over the land of LA for a little too long. I typed in "straw bag" in the search bar at Reebonz.com, and there it was: the perfectly minimal tote with tonal wooden handles and subtle double C's stitched upfront. The sophisticated silhouette is everything I look for in decades-past style. I bought my next vintage Chanel in a heartbeat.

Regarding the head swinging business, I learned the hard way that looking to my blind spot when changing lanes or gasping when a glass of wine breaks just behind me isn't such a friendly move for the earlobes when I've got these heavy, beautiful Stella McCartney earrings in. But damnit I pushed through and kept my head gently still  for the rest of the night because these sculptural earrings were everything to my look.

Thank you to Reebonz for partnering with me on this post! For 15% off your order until 2/15, use my code HNS15.


Wearing Stella McCartney earrings and CHANEL bag 

from Reebonz,  byTSANG cardigan coat, and VINCE dress.


  1. These photos are seriously fantastic! I adore your outfit, and I need those earrings in my life ASAP!

    Amber - amberelb.com

  2. These earrings are truly amazing. Such a simple design, yet it brings your entire outfit together.

    Maria- atlasofmind.com

  3. Your photos look glamorous!


  4. Just perfect!


  5. so cute!! ;-))

    i invite to me too


  6. Love your blog style and content!
    Xo, Andjela