March 2, 2017

The Intimates Wardrobe

Intimate moments create infinite vision.

Let the second go by just a little slower. Feel your breath leave your body more intently.

Oh how easy it is to stress over something, while it remains harder to justify a piece of self-indulgence. Deadlines are one after another, money isn't coming in, the car doesn't work - fair problems we've experienced at some point or another that ultimately distract from the big picture: this is the only life we're living and we're only so young as each second passes. (I'm an optimist usually, but my pragmatism surfaces once in a while).

It is a stagnant moment like this that allows me to reground in my aspiration to carry on the many visions I have for myself.  I find my peace by obliging my comforts - cuddling under blankets, reading a thoughtful story, wearing what makes me feel beautiful. I've discovered that my intimate habits inspire my confidence and certainty in a life done right.


           TO PLAY. 

A few of ThirdLove's new intimates provoke the desire to indulge - finding new artistry, relaxing in my favorite corner, or daydreaming of my next destination. The comfort of a perfect fit and the beauty of details make ThirdLove bras the catalyst to my most carefree self.


Styles like the Perfect Contour Plunge, the Lace Racerback, and the Lace Balconette make up the opportune bra wardrobe to invest in, each with their unique calling for the right moment. Lace is for romance and daydreams, while a structural plunge is for prowess in subtle elegance. ThirdLove knows intimates that inspire vision.

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  1. Such a glamorous look!


  2. very lovely! The contour plunge would work wonders on me! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jo x

  3. This is so so pretty!


  4. Always so beautiful :)

  5. nice tops!!!

  6. This is absolute perfection!!


  7. such a cute post! I just bought a racerback bra with lace details very similar to this one. :) xo