May 30, 2017

Spring in Grana

Silk is always in season.

Grana's latest collection of silk dresses, tops, and essentials come in elegant and effortless new colors that breathe life into your wardrobe. Soft olive or bold coral fulfills the adventurous spirit on the off days that capture the desire to run free.
I have their silk slip dress in at least 3 different colors now, because it's such a versatile silhouette for all kinds of looks and layering. You'll catch me in the summer with the slip dress, bare shoulders, and a straw hat; on cooler days like today, layering is the savvy way to integrate the dress into an appropriate cloudy day look. I paired a vintage silk blouse underneath, but on another day I'd throw a fluffy sweater on top for the coziest aesthetic.

Thank you to Grana for partnering with me on this post and gifting the most beautiful silks for a classic wardrobe.

Take 10% off your purchase and get free shipping if you use my code "StephaniexGrana"!
vintage top


  1. Love this silk dress! It is so pretty on you!

    xo, Joling

  2. Looking beautiful!


  3. so cute = )))

    i invite to me too