August 30, 2017

Effortless Practicality with Dove

Everyone’s reality is a constant juggle between work, love, family, friendships, and self-care and achieving that pinnacle balance is the day-to-day. When life throws me unpredictability and thrills, I treat myself to come out strong and confident. As a seasoned veteran in the presentability of a woman who gets enough beauty sleep, stays hydrated, and has fresh ideas, I follow a standard of effortless practicality with a dash of optimism.

Know What Sets You Right 

On days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (5 out of 7 and it’s always because of the heat or my cat), I immediately brew a fragrant pot of jasmine tea. The nostalgic scent, the warmth, and the caffeine will bring life back to my mind and spirit. An extra five minutes in the vanity means a soothing mask to depuff my eyes and revitalize my skin. I light a candle that I love, while I set to work. Perhaps a cuddle session with my cute cat will make me forget all the times she walked over me last night.
Have Your Essentials Handy

I keep a spare of my day-to-day essentials on my desk, in the car, and in my purse, which includes a moisturizing lip balm, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, a concealer, and my Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Yes, even that! I always forget to put on my antiperspirant as the last step before leaving the house, so while I have the full size bottle on my vanity, I keep a couple of small, travel-size bottles in my car and purse. I live in LA because I love sunshine all-year-round, but I have to stay dry from the heat or else I’ll feel so icky. Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant goes on invisible and leaves no white marks on 100 colors of clothing, so that when I’m running all over town for meetings or getting ready for a blog shoot in the car, no one will ever suspect anything less than an effortless woman going about a stress-free day. I’ve partnered with Dove to share this product with you, because it’s a simple essential that’ll save so much headache, especially when you’re a last-minute, on-the-go woman like me. To avoid those annoying white marks on clothing, approximately half of women reported they have contorted their body while putting on their clothes or waited for their deodorant to dry before getting dressed. I love Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant for saving me that time and effort! Recently, my husband and I were left without our checked-in luggage for four days in Mallorca and there was no familiar cosmetics store on the island; I luckily stowed my small bag of essentials in my carry-on, that included my favorites like a roll-on face oil, my eyebrow pencil, and a travel-size Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Those four days were still our best days ever in Mallorca and I felt just as fresh and confident with only the bare minimum!

Devote Time for Inspiration

It’s okay to justify an hour on Pinterest or money on materials if that’s how you de-stress and discover inspiration. I find my most indulgent joy perusing thick, imported magazines with matte pages full of literary spirit and creative visuals, so I’m at our local magazine stand at least once a week. I hoard stacks of periodicals like Kinfolk, Cereal, and The Paris Review as a library of enlightenment and inspiration and I spend at least an hour reading an article or two, then researching more about the subject online. Sometimes my husband and I take a break out of our work day to go on a photographic walk around the neighborhood. I love taking photos of flowers, the cafe, and cute dogs that pass by. It’s stress-relieving and skill-building at the same time!


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