August 15, 2017

Evening in France

Newfound love for a summer's eve.

In France, life comes alive when the sun drips down towards the horizon and casts its peachy hues onto worn shutters and pastel walls. I look through our window overlooking the town square and the citizens come out hand-in-hand or hand-in-leash for their evening stroll, the cafe tables fill with laughter and aloof smoke, and if there's live music, there's surely a make-your-own dance floor. A true summer's eve is well spent in the villages of France, after a casual day indoors with shutters closed to keep the cool air within.  I've only been here for three days, but I can find myself living here for a time. Casually waking around 8am and not getting out of the house until 1pm perfectly aligns with my kind of schedule. Wine and cheese for lunch, Proven├žal chicken for dinner - I can adjust. I love that beauty sleep is a real thing here.

Don't forget to join me live on Instagram Live tomorrow, Wed 8/16 at 11am pst, where I'll discuss all things skincare, from treatments to products to achieve your best skin, the French impression of classic beauty.



  1. Beautiful ;)

  2. This sounds like an absolutely dreamy way to live. Your outfit is perfect as well!

  3. You write so poetically ~