September 19, 2017

Mixed Textures at NYFW

New York Fashion Week becomes an experimental playground for fashion and I ventured out of my comfort zone to try a couple of new things.

I'm neither a bomber or leather person, but these two pieces just felt so right, especially together. The Resort 2018 dress by Nanushka is made with buttery vegan leather, so you get all of the cool plus the eco-friendly points.

The taupe tone of the dress just paired perfectly with this Samuji bomber jacket from Fall 2017 and even though on paper this could look like a heavy combination of textures with the leather and the metallic feel, it just works in real life. The smooth leather balances the brazen pattern of the jacket and fringe and I'm honestly just obsessed with the eye-catching silver sheen that plays with light so well.
Side note: I rarely pay for luxury designer pieces at full price. I'm a hardcore sale and consignment shopper, because when you're going to spend and invest a lot of money into a singular piece, I think it's absolutely worth researching for quality second-hand pieces or end-of-season sales. I do love the site Reebonz that carries a ton of current, authentic designer items at outlet prices. I found this in-season Chloe Milly bag for 20% off! Reebonz gave me my own 20% off code to share with you, active until October 31st - HS20. Happy shopping! 
Samuji jacket
Nanushka dress
Chloe bag via Reebonz
By Far heels