January 2, 2018

frilly | Hong Kong

For style that's personal.

In a world where hyperspeed consumption reigns, the concept of style has evolved to rely on an obscene exposure to all sorts of outfit-of-the-day's and referral links.  There's nothing wrong with this, as it's the lifeline for the content I create. But, as a normal consumer of goods and modern woman who looks for inspiration in fashion and trends, it's always a bit of an eye-roll to see the same few pieces being worn all over the internet. If I see the same piece on 3 different people, I pass on it. Am I the only one like this?  I'm positive that nearly all of us strive for our independence in our lifestyle, our home, our education, and our career. Why not in fashion? The new design concept, frilly, makes it an easy, attainable reality to create the pieces of your very own dreams. frilly's model of business takes the bespoke experience of made-to-order fashion to our fingertips through their empowering technology. They offer a large and diverse catalog of pieces to start personal customizations through a few clicks, which can include shortening or lengthening the hem, adding a trim, choosing the fabric, changing the sleeves, and beyond. As soon as you design one piece, you design another, and another, even if you weren't going to add them all to cart. Frilly makes the digital process so addictively fun, like a game where you're the star fashion designer. I chose the Uma Blazer for my frilly piece and I chose the pink satin fabric, the statement collar, and the sleeve to craft a tailored blazer unique to my style and whims. I received the blazer in the mail in just a week and a half and took it on my way to Hong Kong.

Want to know something else? Tommy designed his outfit on frilly and he also customized the same Uma Blazer, to turn it into the fantastic velvet sleeveless jacket he's wearing. Almost twinsies.

frilly blazer paired with Paige pants



  1. Adorable trousers details


  2. I love the concept of bringing customization to the everyday woman, Frilly sounds like an awesome company. I am a trained designer/seamstress so I do end up make a lot of customized clothing for myself. To your points above, I don't want to have the same thing seen on every other blogger and instagrammer out there, what's the point? For those that aren't able to design and sew their own clothing, this is a great option for getting a personalized and stylish look that is all your own. Will definitely be checking them out!


  3. Beautiful!