February 5, 2018

Favorite Knit Dresses

How and where I shop for knits dresses.

There's elegance and comfort in knit dresses - the best of both worlds when it comes to dressing. It's the sort of style I grab out of the closet without thinking when I'm running to a meeting, to a lunch, or just to shop the drugstore. When I'm shopping for a knit dress, I pay close attention to the fabric, making sure it's of a natural blend I know will be comfortable. I try to stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon, because my skin is sensitive and I find myself itchy throughout the day if I'm wearing something of those fabrics too long. That means shelling out a little bit more money (contemporary prices like $100-$300) to get good quality, but it's worth the long-term investment! I wanted to share a couple of my favorite brands and knit dresses in stock right now...

I'm wearing a soft cotton knit dress by Kowtow, that I got from The DreslynThe Dreslyn, Need Supply, and The Garmentory are my go-to online stores when I want to look for knit dresses in quality fabrics like cotton or wool. They also lean towards the minimalist aesthetic, which is perfect when you're looking for an understated dress with a focus on construction and quality. I find that brands like Shaina Mote and Reformation always have a stylish knit dress or two in their collections. Lavish Alice is a fashion-forward, affordable brand that comes out with modern and fun knit dresses I love to wear for evenings and events. I've picked a few more dresses I found on the internet, below!


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