March 26, 2018

The New Romantic Color of the Season: Soft Blue

A tonal palette of soft blues that are popping up all over Spring and Summer.


Dusty blue, cornflower blue, powder blue, French blue.

The romance of this season springs from the revival of the pale blue hue that has resided in the depths of elegant monarchy for centuries. This specific shade has been my favorite for years - it was a focal color in my wedding, it was the painted wall of my childhood bedroom, and it'll become a thematic hue in our new home as we're building at the moment. 

It's a rare color to find in fashion and now that soft blue is a trend this season for Spring and Summer collections, I'm finding myself shopping and buying and collecting it all when I can! I was so excited to see Dôen include this beautiful shade in their new spring dresses, like the one I'm wearing and the one I pre-ordered. I've also come across a great number of accessories in this blue like these Madewell heels and adorable Mansur Gavriel flats, this Cafuné bucket bag, and this cute clutch by Parisa Wang.

A soft blue is easy to pair with a neutral palette of white, black, or tan, or with other pale hues like sage green or even a flax yellow. Dusty blue shoes look amazing with light ankle crop jeans and any color top. Follow me on Instagram as I share more outfits with my soft blue accessories!


Side note: I'm very, very obsessed with the Deco belt bag by Vereverto. I've been following them on Instagram for a long time and I'm so in love with the new spring version of the Deco that comes in ivory and sage colors, a perfect match for my new soft blue wardrobe. The Deco is a style designed in collaboration with Sissy Sainte-Marie, a fashion stylist who is just a timeless being of inspiration for me. I discovered the Deco bag first before finding out it was a Sissy Sainte-Marie collaboration and then my obsession just made all the sense. I've been looking for a stylish belt bag that works with my aesthetic for days I want to go hands-free, especially when I'm photographing for a job and the Deco is the one

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  1. Love your style, always give a elegant and sweet vibe for me. I'm in love with this soft blue color.