May 17, 2018


Our little one is arriving September 2018 ❤️ 

Thank you everyone for all of your beautiful messages, enduring support, and for sharing your endless love that we can hold and give to our child. We are so ecstatic!!

I'm so obsessed with the video we made above - I've watched it nearly a thousand times and cried for the first hundred. This has been such a special, crazy, happy journey for Kyle and me and for this pregnancy reveal to our friends and readers, we wanted to share the joy and love that this miracle has brought us to our relationship and our daily life. I can't wait to share this video with our child when they're a little older to see how happy we are even before we've met them.



  1. Love it! x

  2. wooooooow congratulations... I can immagine how happy you two are

  3. so beautiful. congrats beautiful.

    xo. SN |