July 27, 2018

Midsummer Update

8 months in.

I'm officially starting maternity leave August 1st, but that doesn't mean I'm taking a blog hiatus - that actually means more time spent photographing and creating for my blog soon! I am just ending my photography contracts, not going to events, and spending more time with Kyle before our little one comes. I'm very excited - it's my first real break in years! Next month, I'll be focusing a ton more content on beauty and pregnancy, since my fashion might take a backseat to my every day cotton slip dress.

The most surprising thing about my pregnancy is how incredibly easy it has been for me - I feel so lucky that I can experience pregnancy for the first time in this way, as I know everyone's experience is vastly different and unfortunately there's a majority who's pregnancy isn't pleasant. Being pregnant is still a noticeable adjustment to my regular routine and body of course, but the change wasn't as dramatic as I thought it'd be. I've felt the fatigue and a bit of nausea in my first trimester and now in my third, I'm dealing with swollen feet and hands (none of my shoes fit!), achy joints, disrupted sleeps, dry skin, and fatigue. But overall, those are just little things that don't affect my day-to-day too much and I'm going about my days recently with the best energy kick! I hear the energy kicks in for the nesting phase, which we're going hard at right now in our home. 
I've absolutely loved being pregnant and feeling our babe's movements grow from tiny little blips to full on rumbles. I feel that I'm already knowing a part of them, by knowing their movements and what gets them going and when they're awake and sleeping (our babe moves a ton whenever he hears Kyle's voice!). I've loved watching my bump grow and feeling our babe kick hard, because even when it hurts and jolts, I know they're growing big and strong.

Pregnancy is absolutely a physical and mental adjustment, but with so much support and information that's readily available, it becomes more of a smooth transition. I've loved talking to my mom to hear more about her experiences with me and my two siblings, since you never ask or hear of these details any other time in your life. I feel that our bodies and personalities are quite similar, so it was really helpful hearing her journey and how she went through three different labors naturally.

These 8 months have gone by so, so fast, I wish I could slow it down and just enjoy my bump a little bit longer. But at the same time, I am just dying to meet our baby!!

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  1. you look adorable in that dress


  2. Beautiful :)