August 28, 2018

Our Little Boy's Baby Shower

There was not a better feeling that day than receiving so much love and genuine joy from our family and friends for baby Hjelmeseth.

How time flies. I can't believe our baby shower was just 3 weekends ago and little baby Hjelmeseth is almost here after the next 2 weekends ahead. I love looking back on these photos, because it has been about a 6 month journey in designing our home with Fletcher + Ellmore and we got to share the finished project with our family and closest friends at our baby shower. Esther of Fletcher + Ellmore also designed our baby shower event, creating detailed moments around our home inspired by worldly adventure.
As soon as our baby is settled and adjusted to life outside of my womb, Kyle and I are eager to take him on our many adventures through the world. We want to share our life in Provence with him and our love of the beautiful countryside, dipping in the Mediterranean, and living in new, vibrant cultures. Esther curated the perfect arrangement of wildflowers, trinkets, and vintage decor for our baby shower's theme of the kind of easy, slow-seeking worldly adventure for our little gentleman.

Jill of Sustain LA created a beautiful spread of gourmet Mexican fare with blueberry lemonade and spicy maragaritas and the most delicious orange blossom and vanilla naked cake (I snacked on the cake for a whole week after the party!). We got these stunning hand-decorated sugar cookies from Stacy's Cookie Lounge that were made into little suitcases with his name on the luggage tag, the globe, and paper airplanes from vintage maps to match the real life decor Esther made. These designs were actually a complete surprise to us as Esther planned it all and we were just so so happy and excited for these little cookies. We saved one of each in our freezer to open at a special time with baby. 
And his name is Jacob. It had been a tough process choosing a name for our son. We already established a beautiful name to give our daughter, but there hadn't been a boy's name that inspired us when we found out his gender. On a random day as I was driving to a photography job, the name Jacob just popped into my head. I loved how classic, simplistic, and elegant it sounded with Hjelmeseth (pronounced YELM-seth), so I texted Kyle and he liked it too. He did somewhat prefer a biblical name, so Jacob just fits the bill. We starred it on our list of boy names as the top choice, but we didn't settle as we kept searching for more names. In May, Kyle took me to a beautiful dinner at the Peninsula Paris while we were on our babymoon and it was there as night fell onto the Eiffel Tower in our view that Kyle actually "proposed" to me to name him Jacob. Kyle read these two verses to me, Genesis 28:3 and Genesis 27:29, that inspired him to keep this name and I just loved the meaning and significance of Jacob.   
Our friends each wrote a special note to Jacob, sharing their most beloved travel destination and why he should visit. We're going to create a scrapbook and each page will have their handwritten note along with a photo print of our friends from their travels.
Needless to say, we couldn't feel more blessed to have the most supportive friends and family on our new journey! Jacob is super lucky to have some of the best aunts and uncles waiting for him with all of their stories, inspiration, and love. A big thank you to Esther and Jill for bringing our vision to life and creating a wonderful event for all of us!

Event Designer: Fletcher + Ellmore / Caterer: Sustain LA / Cookies: Stacy's Cookie Lounge / Dress: Dôen / Hairpiece: vintage / Photographer: Jess Pelphrey