September 2, 2018

Brand to Know: Manasi7

A new organic makeup brand that redefines luxury in the natural beauty industry through 7 principles.


Founded in Sweden by makeup artist Susanne Manasi, Manasi7 combines high performance with wild-harvested, natural ingredients for a conscious collection of beauty essentials that make you glow from within. The Declaration of (7) is the brand's manifesto that promises customers like me that every product is made with a careful ritual - give it a good read to feel inspired by this luxurious beauty brand aiming to break convention.

 The color pay-off and high performance formulas are truly worth the investment. The All Over Colours are the best pigmented creams I've ever tried - the feel is smooth and silky, while delivering a dose of nourishment for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The color is pigmented, buildable, and stays through the day even on oily skin like mine. I use Etruscan, an antique rose pink, for my cheeks and eyelids, while I love to dab Ikura on my lips for a more cherry-bitten look. The color blends in beautifully with the warmth of my fingertips, so no need to fuss with any brushes to achieve a natural, effortless look.


For a lit-from-within-glow, I smudge Strobelighter in Sunrise on my high cheekbones, bridge of my nose, cupid's bow, and just in the center of my chin. Then I lightly dust Silk Glow Powder in Perihelion all over my face for a soft touch. Though, let's back up a little bit because I forgot to mention above that my first step of all in my makeup routine is mixing Skin Enhancer in Sarcoline with my face oil for a sheer skin tint and I'll dab the Skin Enhancer directly on certain spots for concealing. The Skin Enhancer products are the most interesting of all to me, because of its highly concentrated pigment and multi-functional use in creating a customized, beautiful base. Manasi7 offers four different shades in the Skin Enhancer and to customize it perfectly to your skin tone, you can mix a main shade like Sarcoline with either Eburnean to lighten or Jamocha to darken. I love that the Skin Enhancer calls for a mini-personalized ritual. The Obsidian Precision Mascara is also an incredibly silky, pigmented formula that I love using on my lower lashes for definition.

I love the sustainability of the brand's packaging and harvesting practice, the intense colors that are buildable for a natural or bold look, and the formulas that are so good for my sensitive skin. The beauty in Manasi7 is in the inspirational ritual that starts from the product's conception to the moment it melts into your skin.