October 19, 2018

My Jewelry Classics

 This post is a simple ode to the jewelry that adds the most elegant effect. 

I remember the span of years when I spent so much of my precious dollars on disposable jewelry that broke, tarnished, and went out of style. If there's anything that defined the renaissance of my late 20s, it's "quality over quantity". Ever since hitting my golden year of 27, I started to drop a few more dollars on well-made jewelry I couldn't stop thinking about, like my first pair of Rachel Comey earrings. In the beginning, the price tag would make me cringe for such little things, but my daily usage more than compensated. I realized that these would become essential pieces that carry the ability to elevate my look in two seconds and would stay with me for years and years. 
Some of my favorite little treasures include these sculptural form earrings from AGMES, a sweet gift from Kyle on a random occasion. He did so well in selecting this pair as an elegant statement and I just love wearing these on our date nights and on very casual outings with a simple column dress. Then there are jewelry that are so inspired by natural phenomenons, like the glowing haze of moonlit clouds and beams of sun rays washing through sheer curtains. The hand-carved Orbital Drop earrings and Solar Ring from Cyril Studio seized my attention while perusing Instagram, with their likeness to luminous dewdrops of light and effortless wearability. I'm eyeing the matching hairpin, to be added in my collection in due time. I wouldn't be a true Cancer if I didn't love pearls and diamonds and I found just the right pieces from ZoĆ« Chicco. I love the delicate arc of the pearl and diamond drop earrings for a subtle hint of flair in my look. I chose a minimal ring with a trio of diamonds recently to commemorate my new family of three. And since I've been on maternity leave without much of a social calendar, I keep my jewelry adornment simply to my beloved Mama necklace from my go-to brand Amarilo


  1. So beautiful! x


  2. the shapes are so innovative