March 27, 2019

The New Mom Bag

Concealing all the diapers in a chic French tote.

Oh, the diaper bag - the omnipresent identity of motherhood and mom. A diaper bag was the hardest thing for me to buy before Jacob arrived, because it wasn't just functionality for me. I realized that the diaper bag would be the simple object that exposed what kind of mother I would be. Would I become a mom who succumbs to practicality? Or a mom who tries a little too hard to be cool? Or a mom who's nothing but frantic with a hundred different things in a hundred pockets for "just in case"?

I picked a diaper bag last minute, because I thought I'd need one going home from the hospital, and it wasn't bad. It was a simple black tote with different pockets sized for diapers, wipes, and toys and it came with a changing pad. It was nice and functional. But it was for the mom who carries a bag for diaper changes. I ended up carrying two bags everywhere I went with Jacob, the diaper bag and my own purse. It became burdensome and took up so much space in the stroller basket just for me to carry on with my two identities. I decided soon enough that I wanted to go back to the 'effortless me' before the baby and figure out how to marry my identities as a new mom and as the laidback kind of woman I've always been.
Enter the diaper bag inserts! Little organizers that fit into pretty bags you already own or want to buy as a way to honor your new motherhood practicality (aka a reason to justify that gorgeous new Goyard tote for baby things). These inserts have given me the freedom to wear the bags I want and put all of my things and baby's things into one, stylish place. Lately, I've been absolutely loving my new Sézane tote as a grab-and-go for meetings to mommy-and-me class.

Let me backtrack and say that there's nothing wrong with diaper bags! They're available for our necessity and some days, it just doesn't matter what we use, as long as it works and our baby is happy, am I right? When we travel, it's great to have a diaper bag dedicated to Jacob for all of his needs in the car or plane. There are a couple that I absolutely love for their style and functionality and I've listed them below, along with my favorite inserts and bags that can hold it all. 


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