Romantic. Effortless. Elegant.

My name is Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth and I'm an East Coast born - West Coast habituée. Growing up in the charming state of North Carolina influenced my affection for the beauty in nature's details: the shades of leaves underneath a bright sun, the mix of gray and blue hues during a rainstorm, and the glistening of stars in the clearest of skies. After moving to Southern California more than a decade ago, I nearly forgot what it's like to surround yourself inside a dome of stars and the milky way above, until I re-discovered its magnificence on a trip through the desert. I will always love LA's palm trees and laidback days, but there's a world out there waiting to inspire. And my passion for adventure thus grows, from which I continuously draw inspiration in my style.

I began Honey & Silk as a place for me to share with those who love fashion as much as I do. Yet as time went on, Honey & Silk became more about sharing and discovering who I am and how the evolution of my style can be perfectly summed into words that describe my way of life. I cherish this blog as an authentic journal for a spirited life well-lived and curated. For now, let's talk style. 

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