August 11, 2011

Betty for a day

So I found Bakesale Betty's fried chicken and cole slaw recipe in an old SF Gate news article! Apparently it's not much of a big secret as I thought. Now I just need to find her recipe for her insanely addictive ginger molasses cookies...

Random but I'm due a huge kudos to Alice Waters. Her progenies have carried on to start their own restaurants and eateries such as Ici, Quince, Pizzaiolo, Acme Bread, and Ms. Bakesale Betty herself.  It's an understatement to say that Alice Waters and Chez Panisse have been a paramount influence in American cooking, most notably in the Bay Area. And if it wasn't for Chez Panisse's impact on their chefs, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my now favorite ice cream at Ici and everyone knows I go there at least once a week. This year marks their 40th anniversary on August 28th and many celebrations are already in preparation which you can find here.

omg what?? Betty (er, Alison) now sells her ginger molasses cookie mix in William Sonoma stores! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning...I'mgoingnowbye

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