August 15, 2011

San Francisco

I'm up in the Bay this week and what a perfect week to come up! Summer in the Bay seems to be finally coming around now with the warm breezes and high sun. I spent lazy Sunday lounging in the park by the marina and Palace of Fine Arts. It's my favorite place in San Francisco; it is such an escape from the city and the architecture is so beautiful to stare at. After napping under the sun for an hour, we made our way to our reservation at Wayfare Tavern. We've been wanting to try this for a long time and let's just say, the anticipation is well worth it. Now I can't stop thinking about the chocolate cream pie made with Sharffenberger chocolate; just the best chocolate there is.

deviled jidori eggs

baked macaroni & cheese

steak frites

organic fried chicken

chocolate cream pie 

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