December 23, 2011

slippin in motel

Oh Motel, my favorite favorite favorite brand to dress in. I've been eyeing this for months and finally pulled the trigger right when I saw an xs available. Couldn't wait to slip this Gina dress on for a night out in SF and now I have no memory of it....


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  2. Lovely dress! You look gorgeous! I love your blog - so pretty, fun and informative!

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  4. This dress looks absolutely amazing on you. I love the details on the sleeves.

    P.S. You asked me about the quality of the House of Harlow necklace. It feels like for F21 jewelry. The quality definitely isn't as good as the original necklace that costs 8x more but I am very happy with it considering the price.

    It's definitely not my every-day piece (I wear it only when I go out) so because of that I feel that is going to last.

    BTW Couple of people actually asked me if that was a House of Harlow necklace and I got a lot of compliments on it from my friends so I guess it looks authentic.


  5. I love this dress, it's simply gorgeous.
    I found you on IFB, great blog by the way!

    Lydia X

  6. LOVE this dress! I seriously cannot get over it. I might just have to snatch one up for myself actually lol!!!
    beautiful <3

  7. This dress is gorgeous. I've been looking for a great, new clothing line/company to stat buying from.