December 20, 2011

christmas in the bay

I had an amazing time this weekend in the Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Jose. Satisfied my craving for Umami Burger in its new location on Union Street and caught the incredible action adventure Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (9.5/10). Then trekked all the way to South Bay to catch Drake and J.Cole headlining 94.9 Wild Jam. They killed the show and left lasting memories of a great concert. Until the New Year, Bay Area :)

I also decided to stray from my regular camera and try out my new iPhone 4S. Unfortunately it doesn't live up to my expectations. Pictures look good when they are small, but not blown up especially for editing :(  Thus the graininess...


  1. Omnomnom, looks delicious!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Bay Area or more specifically, SF REPRESENT! You're super cute and I love your delicious food pics!

  3. Thank you! Bay Area is where my heart is <3