July 13, 2012

stylishly responsible

I'm going to get a little touchy today - your fair warning in advance. Two weekends ago, I took a walk with my boo through Point Lobos State Park near Carmel, famous for their breathtaking views and untouched scenery. I'm the type of person to be extremely moved by art or nature or anything beautiful. So I felt like in another world where everything was just gorgeous and everything was at peace and nothing was wrong or could be bad. Just one of those dreamy moments you know? Then I thought our whole world really was once like this and day by day, that dreamy, beautiful world keeps disappearing. Taking a walk on the reserve was an eye opener and really just made me appreciate what is there and what we have left. Now we've all heard the environmentalist talk beaten into our minds so I'm not going to really get into it here. But I want to bring to attention three of the U.N.'s Millenium Development Goals, which are environmental sustainability, global partnership, and end poverty and hunger. What's one small but significant step you ladies can take towards these goals? Support eco-fashion and sustainable brands. The most famous of that currently is TOMS, but there are so many more entirely sustainable fashion brands you can discover.

As their ambassador, I'd like to introduce you to Nepali by TDM Design, who creates luxurious, beautiful, and fun scarves all hand-made by the women of Nepal. Fulfilling their role in global partnership and sustainability, Nepali by TDM works directly with Nepalese women weavers and craftsmen and provides above-market compensation, access to health care, and education to the women and their families - in turn breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering the women, their families, and their communities. Each of their scarves is made from all natural, sustainable materials, such as silk, cashmere, wool, and bamboo and with eco-friendly dyes. And their designs are gorgeous. The scarves in each of their collections are so versatile and unique. So there's definitely something for everyone. I love the cool beaded fringe and the earthy tones on the scarf I'm wearing above. See the woven ombre vest (also by Nepali by TDM) I wore here - that can also easily turn into a scarf.  Now doesn't it just feel A M A Z I N G to be stylish and socially responsible?

Do you know of other sustainable, eco-fashion brands? Please share in the comments!

shirt: c/o Bella Dahl
jeans: Abercrombie
shoes: TOMS


  1. I think it's a very nice thing to do :) I know that also People Tree is a cool brand in that way ;) xx

  2. Loving all the colors here :)


  3. Congrats on being their brand ambassador! That's really cool. Speaking of eco-fashion, I just recently finished reading "To Die For" by Lucy Siegle, a book where she talks about how "fast fashion" is destroying lives of some! Perhaps you'd enjoy it?

    Anyway, the pictures are amazing, the colours, your energy bursts through them! I love it :)


  4. wonderful place..

  5. I can see how you feel that way - those photos of nature are gorgeous! xo


  6. Beautiful pictures and awesome outfit!

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  7. I just checked out Nepali and their scarves are beautiful! I think it's so easy to forget to be socially responsible when you're living in a "go, go, go" world. I spent Tuesday away from the city in the countryside of Maryland, and it was so relaxing! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. I absolutely agree with you. I just recently found out about www.31bits.com (I also did a recent post on them on my blog) and how they work with Ugandan women that create beautiful beaded jewelry. I've completely turned a 180 and changed my perspective on life because of it. I love your outfit and how you styled it around the scarf!


  9. I love all the blues and blue-green of your outfit and how it goes well with the place.
    Some pictures made me go: awww.
    Sadly I don't know much eco-brands, though I do know some stores in my city (Strasbourg) that sells such clothes I don't remember the names of the brands.
    For cosmetics, there is the Parashop and Lush.

  10. i know exactly what you mean! nature is so moving, especially coming from a big city. it's crazy to think about what the world must have been like generations upon generations ago, and it's so sad to think of all the endangered animals and the ecosystem's present state.


  11. Beautiful pictures!!!
    What a great thing to be able to reconnect with nature and truly appreciate its beauty!


  12. Beautiful place! Need to plan a visit one day.

  13. Beautiful park indeed! I love that pretty scarf, even more so knowing how it is created. I really enjoy supporting sustainable/environmentally friendly businesses. My high school friend actually founded a footwear company that employs Peruvian leather-work master to create gorgeous shoes that are not only produced in a sustainable way, but give back to the local artisans in Peru... check it out here if you are interested: http://nisoloshoes.com/